Taslima Ahmed and Manuel Gnam

Where and when

8 pm, Friday 27th May at the Salon:

Where and When to Believe

Taslima Ahmed and Manuel Gnam will deliver their second lecture on one of the many themes that run through the book using a few pages as illustration. After their first lecture in Berlin entitled “Wheels of Emotion,” this current lecture will be called “Layers of Irony”.

Where and When to Believe is a compilation of diagrams, notes, quotations, collages and illustrations on how systems of belief, that often present themselves as social truths, can unleash various aesthetic forms. It is also an investigation into loopholes, mistakes, defence mechanisms, bouts of subconscious manipulation and many other manoeuvres. Taken with all its consequences therefore, one may be led to a position where many automatisms could be seen as a naïve desire to seek comfort from this world.

Also available will be Art Against Art Issue #2.